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What does someone have to do to get locked up in New York City?

What does someone have to do to get locked up in New York City? Conn Carroll September 22, 11:00 PM September 22, 11:00 PM Everyone is innocent until proven guilty, but just how violent does someone have to be in New York City before the authorities will hold them in jail until trial? Last week at a McDonald’s on the Lower East Side, a large, well-muscled man attempted to strike up a conversation with an attractive young woman. So far, no harm, no foul. But when the woman rejected the man’s advances, he started yelling at her — at which point, the men eating with the young woman got into a physical fight with the would-be Romeo. A video of the incident shows the four men fighting before the incident appears to end relatively peacefully. But soon, the larger man reached into his backpack and pulled out a hand ax. He then proceeded to chop up a table, hack a hole in one wall, shatter a separate glass wall, and then punch the other men who were no longer defending themselves now that their assailant had a weapon. The ax-wielding man then pushed one of the other men aside, stood menacingly above the woman who had rejected him, pointed his ax at her, yelled at her again, chopped up the table she was sitting at, and then finally left. This was all caught on video. The ax-wielding man was quickly arrested by the police, but within hours, he was back on the street again, all thanks to the city’s new bail reform laws that prevent police from holding violent criminals unless they are accused of the most serious felonies. Is the woman who this man yelled at and threatened with an ax supposed to feel safe with this psychopath roaming the city? Don’t average people have a right to feel safe in their city? Rehabilitating nonviolent offenders back into society is one thing, but allowing violent criminals to roam the streets after they’ve assaulted young women is another. Until Democrats start losing more elections in big cities, it might just be safer to skip them entirely. window.DY = window.DY || { }; DY.recommendationContext = { type: “POST”, data: [‘00000183-5bd2-d7e8-a5d7-5fd2b2a10000’] }; © 2022 Washington Examiner

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